May 5, 2011

Seasons Of Love

I first saw you in the fall, in every light of every day - I loved you in the spring, all through the month of May

I held you in my sight, you set the bells to ring, and I loved you through all seasons, in comfort by your wing

While walking down our path, sleepy shadows fall, you take my hand in yours, to show love conquers all

I kissed you in the morning, we talked of dreams we’ve had
I held you all through evening, until our passions fled

I go to you - you come to me, these seasons of eternal love, to hear the muted notes, within the clouds above

Though our hearts may pull away, I’ll love you without reason, I’ll love you day to day, as months caress the season

On oceans great and vast, we sail away together, we will meet our spring head on, and our love will last forever

I hold you in my arms, as I loved you once in May - I give my love to you, to grow from day to day.

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