July 17, 2011

Catching Life in a Butterfly Net

Running though the field of green, yellow, and brown
Hanging in mid air, waiting, waiting, and waiting-----for what?
Throwing my arms, and slinging my net over my shoulder from the ground

What do we wait for? 
What is this thing called life? 
Can’t be a butterfly, can it?

Stumbling, climbing over the ground strewn with boulders
Net in hand, suspense waits for no one
Holding my breath, taught limbs and shoulders

Scratched, I aimlessly thrash about the foliage
Looking, looking, and looking for what this thing is we call life
Swing the net far and wide, make the move, and show the courage

July 11, 2011


Hop, skip and a jump

The air vibrates -
electricity whistles a tune
come hell or high water
come midnight or noon

no escape the flowing
Joy floods the unknowing
Love soothes

 molds to the heart
love pulls
 then tears it apart




Love soars and fills the air, taking its place
in a darkened room

Love travels upward, higher and brighter
until flashing lights illume

Love takes the heart, eager to breathe
wanting to cry
don’t let me go
you and I

Love whole and complete
you hear yourself say
Don’t leave me now
stay somehow stay

Night pulls at the soul
days hang in the balance
voices out loud
this teetering valence

Tears Speak

Down, down across the fullness of the cheek, catching amongst the lines weaving their way down from the eyes, tears fall.  Down.

Into the corners of the mouth, salt gathers, licked away by the tongue, across lips, the edges of time, come down, down, spoken sublime.

Burning the throat, tears fall across centuries of battles, gifts, and strong holds of love, salt laden crystals flow faultless morsels of hurt.

Not dusty nor dry, barren or battered
Tears of love swell with elation about all
Not to be mistaken for hatred.  That matters
Eyes look down, down into the heart, where tears must fall.

July 9, 2011


I mean what I say, when I say goodbye
The roller coaster skims the track
Up one side
 Down the other side
You say not a word, when I say goodbye
I mean what I say, when I say goodbye!
No, I’m back!  I’m back!
Don’t let me come back!
I meant what I said,
Down, down to the bowels
Up, up to you I fly
skim the track, suspend in air
hovering silhouette
the voice howls
Don’t come back!