December 29, 2016

Where Does The Time Go? 2017 Hello!

Where does the time go, that’s a saying put to a question
No longer a present, no longer the future, no longer the past
It goes, it slugs along, it races to the fence, it doesn’t last

Where does the time go? It’s fleeting, it flies to drift along on a breeze
And wishing time was a kite, to be guided, to be pulled into the wind before the fall
Rescuing the innocent spaces, briefly consoling and cajoling the humor through it all

Where does the time go, when all else fails before it slips through your fingers
Tugging away and pulling like you have an illusive eel in your grasp!
Before losing your grip you grab the tail and heave a longing gasp!

December 23, 2016

Winter Green

Listening to the rain come down
with triumph it pours
Hearing water skim the surface of air
as the thunder roars

Time to break the cold  
blooming the scent of night’s dark
Secrets of nature cut the barriers of seasons
with a cry of a lark

Our rocky hills and desert sands
come alive as if in Spring
Always a magical time of year

Christmas’ Winter Green

December 19, 2016

Loving You

You wakened early to call me near
Then closed your eyes my love my dear

Love is our memory
Love was a note
Love is worshiped
Love was hope

I remember the words you wanted to say
I remember the story we told that day

In a whisper, our song
In a kiss, our hope
I’ll remember I loved you
all the day long

December 4, 2016


Sleep comes to the weary, sleep comes to the sad
sleep comes to the children all snug in their bed

Rest to the deserving, handed out like gold
rest to the downtrodden, not to withhold

Lie down in the winter, flowers sleep in the frost
where snow shields the ground, all is not lost

Sun shines on morning dew, clearing land of winter’s nap
trees spring to life, giving streams of lushes sap

Breaking the ground all in due course
buds come alive with surprising force

Surrounded in warmth, awake comes the earth
People yawning away, with life’s comforting mirth

December 3, 2016

A Christmas Prayer

Trees evergreen, a wintry scene, lining the lanes, red and white candy canes
Lights in bright colors, a picture of peace, let heaven be on earth, this day let war cease  
Time to gather family, and friends to share, time for joy, to spread love with care
Hearts full abound, a time to sing, a time for Christmas, and bells will ring

November 27, 2016


Hindsight and insight - go further and say, blindside
Tears shed as if we’d known, we reap what we have sown
Where will it get you storing hate, senseless fighting to hell’s gate
Turn around and look ahead, don’t look back to view the dead
Your past will grieve you, and your present will seal you
Look forward at life’s lessons, the future will fuel you

November 23, 2016


Photograph by Julie Shattuck

Amongst the windy blue, clouds float through shadowed sky
If you're there to catch the breeze, I'll wave hello, goodbye

Hear the music of the song birds, the buzzing of the bees
The lilting laughter, the twitter, in the rustle of the leaves

I love the rainbows up above, the heather on the hill
I love the song, the dance, the flowers by the rill  

Thank you all of nature, thank you one and all
I will walk, I will wait, I will listen for your call

November 20, 2016

Equal time?

Equal time...? For what, more denying and lying?
Trump is the master, with crocodile crying

He runs his mouth like tires on the street
Thread bear tread with every tweet
Crushing people with his mouth
Who’s he kidding, except himself
You pick your candidates and blow hot air
Kicking and screaming, life’s unfair
You live in slime, you can't sell to a preacher
Time is up, you swamp rat creature

November 17, 2016

Torn Fabric

Hallowed hills and windswept dunes, gone are the days of sunlit moons

Gone away and into the night, traded for darkness, eager to fight

The windswept dunes and hills of green, dry and dusty never to be seen

Gone are the seekers longing for peace, gone are the smiles, now angry and creased

Where do I find you with a sigh not a shout, where is the trust to be gathered about

Where can I find you through cries and a groan, just torn fabric waiting to be sewn

November 15, 2016

A Sign of The Times

A sigh exhaled
A sign of the times

Mist carries away
Mist...a maze of disoriented figures…

Gone are the days...into blue mist
Where will it lead, where will it carry, the times

Documents signed, sealed, filed...ending...
Signs of times, signs of change…

November 11, 2016

The World is a Muddle

Escaping the world in a muddle, in a puddle
I fell in
I stepped over and fell in, I walked around and tripped
And fell in
I jumped, staggered and started up again
And fell in
The muddle, the puddle, is slippery and dark
The puddle is a mudde, and it’s cold and stark

November 8, 2016

Rhythm of Dreams

March to the band
Step to the beat
Sway to the rhythm

Unclutch the stranglehold of midnight dreams
strike every chord of disenchantment
relentless, restless, reckless couplets

forbid counting sheep
hammer words deep
remove them to sleep

November 3, 2016

Marshmallow Fun!

Marshmallows, white, soft and mushy, pillows of sweetness
Marshmallows melting with heat to a sugary syrup, all to a gooey goodness
Marshmallows, drizzled over rice krispies, crunchy and malleable
Marshmallows formed, round, firm and delectable
Marshmallow balls are what drives a sugary crazed Halloween fright
Marshmallow sticks to your fingers on a fun frenzy night!

Tremors From the Deep

Photograph by Kathleen Sara Shattuck

Saltwater rushing ashore in depths beyond imagination
Traction takes and gathers speed, removing temptation
Jagged rocks splashed with power from the deep
Hell raises an arm, grinding sand in mounds, in heeps

Make haste, ocean rises in angry need to devour all around
Floods and crumbling structures, houses falling to the ground

A roar, a tremor, a lurch pulls the pounding surf
rushing, rumbling, foaming without mirth
Wave upon wave takes and swallows what lurks in its path
Don’t hesitate, don’t look back, run away from the aftermath

October 10, 2016


A lilting voice is heard,  lulled by a fragrant veil

sleep is feigned, over the eyes you cast your spell

Truth relinquished, replaced with self serving pride

Your words dulled, the once sparkle put aside

Misleading rhetoric, slips away into dusk

Night falls, leaving darkness without trust

Heaven on Earth

There you are, and here am I
shades of tawny reds flood the sky

From night to day, from early dusk
the air turns crimson then to rust

I’ll plead your good byes, and ask you to stay
don’t look back, and never fade away

Look to the sky, where clouds are in bloom
lost in the heavens, pink fills this room

Bright are the colors,  a glad soul pristine
always there, waiting to be seen

July 28, 2016

You Are The Wind

You are the Wind - I am the Wind - a Wind that picks you up by chance, a gust, to blow you around and settle you like dust…you twist, you skid,  you’re tossed on a ledge, a matter of degrees
then into the air you fly through the trees...calming, all but forgotten, you move and bend, to scuttle off, in hopes you hold true to the end…

Into the mist you fall
Teetering, you balance no more…
Lifting, a storm, a flash of light streaks through the rain, giving your all
Leaping, you wash the sky with a reverberating roar

An errant jet stream picks you up, clean and washed you settle to the ground
You move away, away...into the night and into the’re all around  

I am the daunting wind you feel but cannot see
abandoned, a tiny memory that takes you up and up
overhanging the center of gravity

A heavenly note only you can hear
your very being will sway, a beat only you can feel
until the end of time comes near

July 20, 2016

Color's Birth

Skies of blue, red, yellow
Primary colors mix

The tree leaf sprouts
God touches the surface

Changing through the seasons
Rainbows and sunsets

Light illuminates the air
Awakening tomorrows

July 12, 2016

I Hold a Candle

My voice of tribute to Black Lives Matter

I hold a candle in my hands, my rough, cracked and bleeding hands
A candle to light my way in the night, a candle to reflect hardships and tumbles
A candle to blind out all of the sorrows of twisting, turning, rock filled serpentine roads

Cold wax, hot flame, meet with violence to ward off the devil's most evil eyes
To see beyond the haunting, tempting, trusting; let musical notes come forth to sing
Scare away the dreams of night, the chill of darkness, the wet rain and frozen terrain

Young voices hear the tunes, hear and feel the heartbeat within your breasts
Stay vigilant, stay strong, stay united in song, let the rhythm strike up the band
Holding hands, shoulders and waist, keep the momentum pushing ever forward

A Willow Whispers

boughs hang low across the horizon
a whisper from a willow
the breath of a tree
a moment is free
not for show
don't let go
the bough bends
two hearts mend

June 25, 2016


Solitude of night
cloaks shroud living time of light
Standing in stillness

Shouting words, a thousand days held to my head like a loaded gun - what cost?
No minutes left and suddenly you’re into my fabric of time
Tears wash the hours into loss

Black is the color
Midnight black shield of armor
Vanishes to night