August 10, 2012

Nanner-nanner-nanner Eat a Bananner - An Ode to The Last Bananny

The little brown-speckled bananny
sat on the sink all alone
where are my buddies?
she asked the ol’ crone

they were eaten this morn
sorry for your loss
and left forlorn

The little bananny smiled
as an idea came to mind
I know what you can do for me
if you’d be so kind.

The  crone nodded to the little bananny
Never mind those yellow nanner flakes
age spots are beautiful on you
a prerequisite for cakes!

The bananny flipped
happy as happy could be
but fell from the sink
the crone stepped and slipped

the crone

What a pip!
Not to worry my mashed bananny
saves me one step in time
after I get off my fanny