August 29, 2011

From Nowhere With You

A million miles from nowhere, she placed her hands upon her lover’s face.

A million miles from nowhere, she said, I’ll take you to a place across the miles to nowhere, she said I’ll love you until forever through all the years, she did not fear a million miles from here.

She only feared what was near.  

A Cloud

The air was still, that is until a cloud rolled across the sky, and sat; watching this moment, a moment is all it took to want to look back.

you drive me to tears
you twist, you turn around in my heart
you tied these strings in knots
you plucked and twanged

Shadows, of lights and darks, looking for a place to sit, and wait, and stay; it was quiet, until a cloud rolled across the sky that day.

you torment my life, the cool and the quiet of my life
you heat the air, you boil the waters of azure
you batter the earth, reckless with torrents
you turn a cloud from white to black

The rains came down, down; earth sucking the life out of this cloud, and every drop drenched the dry parchment of leaves.

The butterflies flew, the frogs jumped; the rabbits bounded away looking after a cloud which rolled across the sky of cerulean blue that day.

August 17, 2011

The Marionette

Around and around, the marionette danced, her arms in the air, her legs going here, then there, as the music played on, and on, and on.

Fingers pulled, each length of string, one by one, and one by one she danced to the music, and as it played she would swing, on and on, on and on

The face of the marionette looked up, then down, then all around, with eyes of paint, the color of brown.

The hair of the marionette was black as the night, face fringed with curls, it wound round and round and round her face, ever so tight.

The strings of the marionette twisted, and wound, her arms hung limp, then taut, she danced to the music, a puppet forgot.

She was real, she was alive, with music infused, she could smile, she could laugh, and she danced as she cried.

To the left, to the right, as she turned she stirred, she bent, she skipped, and they danced to the night.

With a twist of the thread she was real for a moment, she dipped, she swayed, she swung, she performed in her strings, until tangled she hung.

August 2, 2011

A Voice

Hush, hold your breath
Don’t move, I can feel you
The heart waits
The mind waits
Delirious, cacophonous noise awaits movement
Dissonant chords, twanging vibrato
Delicious, drumming and humming to
Invisible, silent beats
Don’t speak, she said
Don’t make a sound, she pled
She waits
A limb quakes
I’m afraid
I’m frail
I’m full
I’m overwhelmed
Don’t breathe, she said
Her exhale rocks the sea
but all she said was