July 31, 2013

Life, Oh Life

I wrote this poem in 2008, after watching International on Dateline with Ann Curry.  Serbia's Horrific Institutions a Relic of The Past.

Mentally disabled kids, adults given no hope for recovery, poor 



Life, Oh Life, I see it in your eyes

I see it in a crib, when a baby cries

I see the struggle, the moans and sighs

I see it in the limbs that have nowhere to go

I see it in the hands that reach and know

I see it in a whisper, when I lean from above

I see it in the stare, when they see my love

I see it in their pulse

Life holds in my heart

I see it in this Life

that has no start

July 19, 2013

A Race for the Human Race...

I'm so done with people killing people; with people killing animals and insects and plant life; the damming up the rivers, changing their course and blocking their flow to the ocean....and life, in and around it, all but destroyed forever. 
A mess

I'm so done with the political and religious arena, a horrible state of affairs, where again angry people are fighting each other over the most insane things; the radicals, the ultra-conservatives, the neo-whatever-they-are, where common sense no longer exists. 
A mess

This movement that is happening at record breaking speed....I'm waiting for the day to come, where people simply annihilate every living creature....
Mankind, what a mess 

When are people going to think of someone and something besides themselves? When do we turn hate into love?  Am I being negative to the human race? ----I'm mostly disappointed
I guess

July 10, 2013


Time to be alone
I’m home, I’m home, she cried

Silence answered her call
But I’m home, she sighed
No answer, just silence, is all

Silence pulled her
Silence pushed her
Silence waited for her

Alone, to be alone
Where silence is silence

And no one is home

July 9, 2013

Plowed Earth

She folded her arms
Around the world and its charms

She seized the load
Of a million miles of road

To stop meant despair
She traveled here and there

Trails led her on
Trials took her beyond

Little did she know
From tears seeds would grow

The moment is now
Lean forward my girl
Put your back to the plow

Her tears moistened soil
The sun burnt her skin
She did not recoil

Another day, another time
Brought closer to you
She shrugged off her coat
 Time to renew

Like the bird on the road
All covered in dust
She brushed off the clay
To night’s purple dusk

Move on, it said
Move on to your home
To the flutter of wings
She continued to roam