November 27, 2011


Aged rough hewed; a window is barred with wire in which only the smallest of living things can enter, and hung beside is a circle, a loop of sharp studded metal.  A painful reminder curves its way around weather torn wood.

Against it steals
hidden endless lengths

The barren land shelters near
a growth of straw colored weeds
a friend and companion to fear

November 21, 2011


Clouds lowered themselves across the plaines, rolling in a gray and foreboding mass – sultry, salt laden wet droplets wanting to seize the living, the breathing creatures that inhabit a domain called earth.

Take heed and listen
run, run, run away

The fog tumbled
The earth trembled

Run, run, run away
escape from this prison

Wetness oozed its way through and over the silk strands of time, encompassing a dusty film with a coating of mud, taking; sucking life without care.

Before you are locked in
run, run, run away

The mortals ran
The mud stuck

Run, run, run away
away from forbidden sin

Dense and thick, layer upon layer, the fog folded itself upon the fruit. 

Don’t ask me how
just run, run, run  
run away now

November 7, 2011

Rest (Haiku)

flowers rest your head
nurturing smiling faces
fall prepares your bed

Time (Haiku)

 Wisdom born of age
Pages of parchment here lies
Turn the leaves of time

November 6, 2011


A slight breeze touched the side of the curtain
she backed away into shadow

he passed this way
A long while ago

A letter held in his weathered hand
she watched  from the window and yearned

Days came
they went
he never returned

November 5, 2011


turning my insides out
I need to write
rust splashes
paint peels

chain hangs suspended
nothing in sight
no crossing

but then: