July 30, 2015

My Haiku For You~Words of Love

on the eve of love
a threshold to cross over
embrace the moment


my hand in your hand
steps to take along the path
to be met halfway


July 24, 2015

My Haiku for you ~ The Night Scent

flowers soak warm sun
night will bring its scented air
listen on the breeze

calling you to bed
inhale and sleep lovely scents
all is well tonight


my mind goes blank tonight
I want to write, but I draw a blank
how many ways can you write about love?
comparisons, analogies, metaphorical, mind bending
I've twisted it, curved it, craved it, shaved it, tossed it away
and yet it continues to walk toward me, on me, leaving its marks
one sentence, a completion of your existence, one small proof
you tossed me a word, and I wanted the entire sentence
a thought, one tiny thought is all I longed for, hoped for
you threw me a crumb, and I craved the whole loaf

July 18, 2015

My Haiku For You~"Gesundheit"

flowers, weeds and things
heavy is the pollen now
sneezing bees, haachoo!

surf is up today!
but feeling down all-around
can’t go out to play!

summer colds abound
tissues used beyond the norm
resting is the plan

My Love and I

Time passes, my love
Time and time again, my love seeks to reinvent, to find its meaning in the losses of years passed
Time passes, my love
Time travels at warp speed, longing to see, yearning to believe in a future with you again
Time passes, my love
hold on fast, time travelers are the driving force behind the wheel of destiny’s heartbeat
Time passes, my love
Lean into the sun’s rays, lean against the shoulder of strength and forgiveness 
Don’t hesitate
Time passes my love
Live your fate

July 6, 2015

My Haiku(s) For You~ Confection

the mind holds so much fear, give your heart up
looking high and low
I have a dream of you dear
deep and near to my heart

loving lifts you up
a smile each day to give away
kindness and caring

chocolate chips melting
hot sun sweetened confection
lips bursting with love

nocturnal ramblings
suddenly September blooms
lost in heady sweets