March 22, 2016

First Light

Mountains climbed, and rivers to swim
where am I going
in a light that’s made dim?
facing torrents and cold winter’s frost
In snow storms and raging currents
is a battle won or lost
Sleeps a songbird, sleeps through the night
wings stretch and soar, in the grace of first light
Sings a songbird, songs turn to play
Don’t be frightened, I’ll lift you away

March 17, 2016

My Haiku For You - Shadow’s gift

Across the landscape
Shadows casting friends around
Time without mourning

Nurturing your own
Sealed in all family’s gift
Calls memory’s joy

Together love speaks
Mountains reflect life’s beauty
Shadows blend as one

March 12, 2016

A Kiss At Dawn

Where do we see the beauty in sadness, as there is beauty in love?  
What do we see to hold us together with the passion to find understanding?

We kiss now, today, when there is no tomorrow, only here, now, to hold and to grasp the sorrow of our goodbyes, not in one breath, not in one kiss, only in one touch - to be awakened by the touch of dawn’s fine mist. 

Hold me, touch me now, kiss away the sorrow, for I can’t speak to say look at me, because it’s you, first dawn, I seek.

March 5, 2016


Open arms across the rivers, empty souls into streams
water flows from every pore
angels fly to spread their wings
a welcome home, to safety nets
in war torn fields, a warm embrace
brighter days with prayers of solace
ending nights with sad goodbyes
but nothing more says this disgrace
than faces turned, averting eyes
Lost crossing deep oceans, lost crossing wide seas
lost to home and country
lost to you and to me 


Sharing Hearts ~ My Haiku For You

stand upon mountains
share love’s value without doubt
make your hearts grow deep

Touch, hold tight the moon
kiss as one, rejoice the night
wipe away anger