December 29, 2016

Where Does The Time Go? 2017 Hello!

Where does the time go, that’s a saying put to a question
No longer a present, no longer the future, no longer the past
It goes, it slugs along, it races to the fence, it doesn’t last

Where does the time go? It’s fleeting, it flies to drift along on a breeze
And wishing time was a kite, to be guided, to be pulled into the wind before the fall
Rescuing the innocent spaces, briefly consoling and cajoling the humor through it all

Where does the time go, when all else fails before it slips through your fingers
Tugging away and pulling like you have an illusive eel in your grasp!
Before losing your grip you grab the tail and heave a longing gasp!

December 23, 2016

Winter Green

Listening to the rain come down
with triumph it pours
Hearing water skim the surface of air
as the thunder roars

Time to break the cold  
blooming the scent of night’s dark
Secrets of nature cut the barriers of seasons
with a cry of a lark

Our rocky hills and desert sands
come alive as if in Spring
Always a magical time of year

Christmas’ Winter Green

December 19, 2016

Loving You

You wakened early to call me near
Then closed your eyes my love my dear

Love is our memory
Love was a note
Love is worshiped
Love was hope

I remember the words you wanted to say
I remember the story we told that day

In a whisper, our song
In a kiss, our hope
I’ll remember I loved you
all the day long

December 4, 2016


Sleep comes to the weary, sleep comes to the sad
sleep comes to the children all snug in their bed

Rest to the deserving, handed out like gold
rest to the downtrodden, not to withhold

Lie down in the winter, flowers sleep in the frost
where snow shields the ground, all is not lost

Sun shines on morning dew, clearing land of winter’s nap
trees spring to life, giving streams of lushes sap

Breaking the ground all in due course
buds come alive with surprising force

Surrounded in warmth, awake comes the earth
People yawning away, with life’s comforting mirth

December 3, 2016

A Christmas Prayer

Trees evergreen, a wintry scene, lining the lanes, red and white candy canes
Lights in bright colors, a picture of peace, let heaven be on earth, this day let war cease  
Time to gather family, and friends to share, time for joy, to spread love with care
Hearts full abound, a time to sing, a time for Christmas, and bells will ring