August 31, 2015

Where Do You Lie

Photograph by Emma Thompson (granddaughter)

The blue was pink, then orange, then grey
an evening fought for time of day
Where have you gone, where do you lie?
Across the miles, with the clouds in the sky

August 30, 2015

Aidan Turner, Only Human

His Eyes
Golden amber, glisten like shimmering pools of diamonds touched by magic
showing love, joy, happy anticipation
then withdrawn with quiet contemplation
showing anger, his thirst, his raucous rebellion
a lust for life, the twinkle of a star, one in a million.
Come back to me, come back to love; heart stopping, pounding, where the tongue was dipped into a revitalizing supping nectar, a full bodied sweetness. My pulse was yours, and yours mine, where love cleaved with passion and eagerness.
Counter the wronged now, remove the towel, wipe the brow
words yet to be said, bandage that from which life has bled

August 10, 2015

Another sleepless night

Sleepless night...oh, sleepless night...I toss and I turn, I turn on the light. Visions of waves, visions of flowers, visions of sonnets swim, swim, swim, invading my mind with a cascade of showers.

My heart beats, oh, how it beats, missing the tempo, skipping sleep. Thunderstorms in dreams, where noise clammers and shines its beams....turn out the light, my mind wants to pray, but then there is one more word I have to say. 

I close my eyes, there you are again, words drowning out words, again and again. Being accepted into the dark, now closing my eyes as the sun raises the mark.

Sail Away

Photograph by Ele Kittl

The sea crackles and snaps to attention; the sea of glass breaks in a thousand pieces across the bow this day in time...sail away, sail away, sail away one last time. A single winged gull catches the surf; throws his head back and cries, sail away, sail away, sail away, this time is mine!

August 6, 2015

My Haiku For You ~ Sleep Music

eyes alert will see
voices whisper in the dark
deep silence waiting

sleep hums beside us
turning once, turning again

the music of night