September 15, 2015

Just Gone

not just one, not just two, but a million and one gather around you
not just me, not just him or her, but a battalion, an army, loves you
a day in your life, and night in your dreams, all cool and sweet
just one more hour, one more day, propels you down the street
you stumble, you step, you make your feet to meet the sun
you sleep, you wake, you choose yourself to walk, to run
you’re gone, no more steps
no more dreams, you slept
just gone
no more me
no more we
no more you
not even a few
not one

September 8, 2015


Tired but cannot sleep
scrambled thoughts invade my mind
night becoming day

The past cannot stay
faster now, you run away
falling in the dark

The bell starts to peal
held suspended in our dreams
which one is real

Time elevates time
to sleep, a train whistles sleep
slumber into deep

Empty nights without dreams of you
Pain flies as I see your face in the clouds
Empty days when thoughts of you are blown away