April 23, 2017

My Haiku for you.~ Another day of spring

Soft feathers tethered
pillows skitter on a wild breeze
Shakes the sky of white

Coolness mixed sunshine
Light lingers on sparkling ponds
Another day of Spring

April 5, 2017


I watch from the porch, covered and away from sun’s rays to scorch.
I dream of the seasons, I mention their name, but the days go forward and cease to remain.  Birds and the bees, from the desert to the seas, I will wonder, wonder, wonder, looking, to find you on a breeze.

Covering earth with blankets of snow, rain, hail, and inches of dusty leaves staying to long on the trees; Slow to wake, slow to yawn, slow to spread their wings like birds of colors, earth tones, intense startling colors they fly and fly and fly, up, up, up, and into the sky.

Beneath the shadows there’s dawn, between the sunsets there’s evening, a warmth gathers buds and shows light to their meaning