September 21, 2014

A Speck in Time

I kicked the earth, dust gathered at my feet, solitude broken and stirred with mirth; darkness shattered like glass, remembering the past; a small speck in time we both shared, until the music stopped.  Strings hang limp, where marionettes once danced.

September 13, 2014

Listen to My Heartbeat

My heart droops and drops, thumps, it sighs and cries; in circles it runs, around and around; empty field, a vacant lot, it watches and wants, waiting for that next hello. Hello again, hello rain.  When will the rain come down?  

I plead to the clouds, where are you? A whisper on a breeze replies, here I am.  Softly, silently, the parched earth hears the sound, it echos the falling sky, pelting the ground.  

Running through the streets, I thought I lost you.  Jumping over and between the crowd, around the drops of heartache, the rain fell over my eyes like a shroud.

Nothing more, nothing less, a mere whispered tear fights the breeze, lifts, floats, down on the tip of a butterfly’s wing; it caresses the air to secrets of my heart, with this key you will open; and the rain came down to sing.

The Flood - dreamscape Haiku

That one precious time
scorching blue, billowing clouds
puncturing moments
mud puddles melting
pelt scarred earth with drops of tears
coming down and down
oozing up to see
only one to see this time
a vapor are we
floating through the cracks
walls, floors, ceiling plaster falls
clouds tell you goodbye
my love vanishes
windswept loud and taken up
seeps a vanquished cry