September 13, 2014

Listen to My Heartbeat

My heart droops and drops, thumps, it sighs and cries; in circles it runs, around and around; empty field, a vacant lot, it watches and wants, waiting for that next hello. Hello again, hello rain.  When will the rain come down?  

I plead to the clouds, where are you? A whisper on a breeze replies, here I am.  Softly, silently, the parched earth hears the sound, it echos the falling sky, pelting the ground.  

Running through the streets, I thought I lost you.  Jumping over and between the crowd, around the drops of heartache, the rain fell over my eyes like a shroud.

Nothing more, nothing less, a mere whispered tear fights the breeze, lifts, floats, down on the tip of a butterfly’s wing; it caresses the air to secrets of my heart, with this key you will open; and the rain came down to sing.

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