June 24, 2015


sick of this earth
sick of its death
down comes the rain
down comes its mirth

thunderous moments, evening sky
down comes the rain
don’t let me cry

tortured with grief, lie after lie
don’t let me mourn
don’t let me die

Can I Love You?

You were my friend, both night and day
You left
I left
Without a word
Neither could stay

Love came to you
I loved you too
I want out
Let me out
Take me away
Far, far away

Better to have loved
To die alone
To grieve

Death comes to all who have loved and lost
Can I love you?
Stay away
Let me die

The stench overpowers, overbears, stiffens the mind with repugnant dreams.
Hurt fills the room, it smothers, it strangles, it stifles the air with pungent memories.  Memories, sweet memories.  How I loved, in those memories.

June 22, 2015

Summer is Here

Peonies photographed by Angelique Manchanda-Peres 

this is the summer for peonies
delicate centers like tiny beads
colors sparkle in evening rain
song birds sing to an evening train  
winter frost and icicles gone
summertime, green is the lawn
beach shore calls, friends rush to play  
beautiful castles, waves topple away
kids wiggle their toes is the warming sand
then jump to run to the popsicle man
climbing trees and reading books
hide and seek, finding nooks
flying kites  and red balloons
hiking mountains and watching loons
prairie grasses and mud pie making
it’s summertime, fun for the taking

June 20, 2015

My Haiku for You~ Lonely Tear

Tear splashes tonight
anger, hurt, crying baby
guns killing again

Again and again
stop the evil, Lord, this day
beseech heavens, turn around

Look, the cost is death
pray for peace, all day and night
grant sorrow to end

The Seabirds Fly

June 18, 2015 - San Bernardino National Forest  
View from Palm Springs, Calif.  Photography:Reuters/Sam Mircovich

the air is thick with smoke
encumbered by the spray of resined goo
the seabirds challenge their wings
burning lungs and breath will choke
first one then two
the flights are low, then higher they sing
breezes change, seabirds remove your cloak
out to sea to grasp the clouds, time to renew

June 16, 2015

Iceland, A Landscaped Story


Photographs by Angelique Manchanda-Peres from Hofn in Iceland


Stark, stunning, striking and remote, an achingly beautiful scene of serenity within the eerie nature of landscapes;  profound in our words, as a living being waiting to be born.

Unique fields of grasses of greens and browns, dotted with rare sprays of wildflowers, showing off in front of a background of white ice-capped mountains and glaciers; only to be here.  

Night falls into a bleak yet profound and majestic melancholy.  How many ways can you describe such haunting music to be heard from this rapture in nature?

Most of these descriptive words were used by the people (friends of Angelique) who viewed her pictures. I was simply possessed when I read them all, I had to put them into sentence form. 

Angelique's view of nature, as you can see in her photographs of landscapes, flowers and people, are all beautiful in her eyes, and we are privileged to be a witness to this grace. Thank you, again, Angelique, for allowing me to show-off your world in pictures.

June 9, 2015

Love Notes

love is everywhere
love is here to share
love listens to voices far and near
love speaks a language for us to hear

June 6, 2015

Dawn's Flower


Dawn sheds light through early morning shadows, reflecting the raining drops of tears, each tear comes down from the eyes of God, mending the torn, the scarred, lovingly holding to the beauty of all earthly things.  
He sheds these tears for you, the flower who springs from the ground, amongst all, so precious and sacred, tenderly loving each, entrusting that delicate beauty to everyone; to nurture and love each other; to caress with gentle intimacy, cradled and sung to, admired and respected.  
Yes, this flower is all things to all people to hold up with dignity. As you and I walk the earth, we are to recognize each flower as one of a kind.  

We, the caretakers, hold out our hands to one another to feel the wetness of tears, the sorrows, the joys, inhaling the sweetness in respect of individuality - Only then, will flowers continue to bloom, and no two flowers will ever be the same.

Into The Sea ~ The little girl’s journey continues

The little girl opened the door and stepped outside; she had kept herself locked up for days, weeks, months, until her skin became pasty white, transparent as milk glass, which isn’t transparent at all.  

Now out in the air she walked, heading in the direction from which she was born, the sea. 

The little girl had missed the sea; toward the water that rushed upon the shore and covered her foot prints, she ran as fast as her little legs would carry her, straight into the ocean of blues and greens, of sandy surf.  Jumping over waves, skidding along the high crest and its low churning tide, she felt at home, no longer locked in her cave.

Cool, cold, warm, the water traced along her hair, down her back, stomach, and sides,
refreshed, sun quenched and alive.

Hear the waves, she shouted to the sky, hear the birds as they float on by
beat your chest, like wings, take a giant leap and come back to me, the sea shouted, you are mine to keep

Take a step forward, backward, taunting and chiding, no room for error
Footsteps lost beneath the rapids of foam splashed air

Screams are heard over land, the gulls sang, echoing their glee
The little girl turned aside, stepping with joy out and into the sea

She swam with the fish, the dolphins and the turtles, listening to the wild bird’s call
She danced with the moon, and smiled down upon them all

June 5, 2015

Earth Day ~ My Haiku For You

Earth sends out a call
imploring all to share love
Earth our blessed home

fly to kiss flowers
warm days, blue skies beckoning
drink the sweet nectar

water giving birth
meadows and gardens alike
hold fast tomorrow