June 16, 2015

Iceland, A Landscaped Story


Photographs by Angelique Manchanda-Peres from Hofn in Iceland


Stark, stunning, striking and remote, an achingly beautiful scene of serenity within the eerie nature of landscapes;  profound in our words, as a living being waiting to be born.

Unique fields of grasses of greens and browns, dotted with rare sprays of wildflowers, showing off in front of a background of white ice-capped mountains and glaciers; only to be here.  

Night falls into a bleak yet profound and majestic melancholy.  How many ways can you describe such haunting music to be heard from this rapture in nature?

Most of these descriptive words were used by the people (friends of Angelique) who viewed her pictures. I was simply possessed when I read them all, I had to put them into sentence form. 

Angelique's view of nature, as you can see in her photographs of landscapes, flowers and people, are all beautiful in her eyes, and we are privileged to be a witness to this grace. Thank you, again, Angelique, for allowing me to show-off your world in pictures.

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