June 6, 2015

Into The Sea ~ The little girl’s journey continues

The little girl opened the door and stepped outside; she had kept herself locked up for days, weeks, months, until her skin became pasty white, transparent as milk glass, which isn’t transparent at all.  

Now out in the air she walked, heading in the direction from which she was born, the sea. 

The little girl had missed the sea; toward the water that rushed upon the shore and covered her foot prints, she ran as fast as her little legs would carry her, straight into the ocean of blues and greens, of sandy surf.  Jumping over waves, skidding along the high crest and its low churning tide, she felt at home, no longer locked in her cave.

Cool, cold, warm, the water traced along her hair, down her back, stomach, and sides,
refreshed, sun quenched and alive.

Hear the waves, she shouted to the sky, hear the birds as they float on by
beat your chest, like wings, take a giant leap and come back to me, the sea shouted, you are mine to keep

Take a step forward, backward, taunting and chiding, no room for error
Footsteps lost beneath the rapids of foam splashed air

Screams are heard over land, the gulls sang, echoing their glee
The little girl turned aside, stepping with joy out and into the sea

She swam with the fish, the dolphins and the turtles, listening to the wild bird’s call
She danced with the moon, and smiled down upon them all

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