June 6, 2015

Dawn's Flower


Dawn sheds light through early morning shadows, reflecting the raining drops of tears, each tear comes down from the eyes of God, mending the torn, the scarred, lovingly holding to the beauty of all earthly things.  
He sheds these tears for you, the flower who springs from the ground, amongst all, so precious and sacred, tenderly loving each, entrusting that delicate beauty to everyone; to nurture and love each other; to caress with gentle intimacy, cradled and sung to, admired and respected.  
Yes, this flower is all things to all people to hold up with dignity. As you and I walk the earth, we are to recognize each flower as one of a kind.  

We, the caretakers, hold out our hands to one another to feel the wetness of tears, the sorrows, the joys, inhaling the sweetness in respect of individuality - Only then, will flowers continue to bloom, and no two flowers will ever be the same.

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