March 30, 2015


She writes:
What are the "rights", the rights of all of us?
Are they equal, are they just? Are they right for all of us?

The wrongs, the rights, it’s gotten out of sight!
Who fights for our rights, when we can’t put up a fight?

The states screw us, the politicians screw us
All we want to do is live in peace without fuss

The world is in turmoil, the religion’s in distress
Who knows who’s fighting whom, and for what, when all is a mess?

Countries will be fought
Killings will not stop
Time runs out, time doesn't stand still
The clock struck, I took my bitter pill
When rights are a no show
That’s when it’s time to go
Time to say goodbye, I made my last call
I gave it my best shot, I gave it my all

March 26, 2015

crooked path

you’re lost
I’ll find you
I see you
you float
locked away
tangled hair
I hold you
“…….the tiger leapt, and the swallow dipped her wings in dark pools on the other side of the world” vw

March 24, 2015


The angle of the sun bent across the horizon, deepening meadows and hillsides into amber, blue, orange and reds.
Sorrow floated in the air like aimless moats, forgetting where they began, forgetting their purpose.
Winter dies a slow death, cascading snow drifts burying the visuals and memories of earth, lost far beneath the cold hard pack, lost to the sun.
Spring tries, day after day, month after month, all in vain to winter’s determination, lost to time and arctic air.
One day a squirrel scampers by the side of the old red barn, ears perked and alert to change, soon a soaring hawk narrows its vision, then loses sight.
Life goes on, into the next season, where spring is born, glorious spring peaks a tiny blossom up through the earth, up into light.


Spring awakens with the sounds of metal dragging the ground, out numbering the bird calls, the mill is jarred out of slumber
Men walk the lane, shuffling feet recognize the path to the tunnels, loving the day, the air, the clean, spring air
The day grows long, once the light is dimmed and abandoned, while men work deep underground
Silver, gold, copper, a line is pushed, the metal fragments fit into the mold, molten scraps turned to liquid
Bombs and bullets are born
Men die

March 23, 2015

Time Traveler

where does time go, when does it end?
how do I put a spin on it

trying to defend

is it worth a penny, a nickel, or a dime?
spending my days in the counting

money buys not time

March 19, 2015

Hidden Tracks

I hear the call of a white lightning train
listen, she said, listen
an ear pressed close to a cold railroad track
listening, listening
vibrating thunder eclipsed in the rain

blinded by deluge obscuring the air
see, she said, see
standing to watch, stepping out of its way
seeing, seeing
long shadowed landscapes crossing her lair  

March 18, 2015

Time Will Tell

dry, hot, earthly dust
lakes, rivers, life abandoned
thirst rages forward

selfish clouds decay
no rain to nourish roots, leaves
God save us in time

March 15, 2015

Sail On

a strange land is here
another era in time
a past life has gone

sail across oceans
horizons and turbulence
down beneath the sea

waves stilled with breezes
life hungers and groans for more
gone to lands beyond

March 13, 2015


reaching out to touch the wooden night stand
the surface feels smooth to the palm of the hand
seeing with your heart this stand at night
tears well and fall, hindering vision from sight

memories catch and hurt, deep in your throat
on a crest of a wave, you surrender and float

cold numbs, once love, and the wind blows free
eyes burn then close, nights hungry sea

March 10, 2015

Whiplash Politics

"Today, as President Obama and his Administration are engaged in negotiations to prevent Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon, Republican senators sent a letter to Iranian leadership aimed at sabotaging these negotiations.
Let's be very clear: Republicans are undermining our Commander-in-Chief while empowering Iran’s hardline ayatollahs. Republicans don’t know how to govern, but they do know juvenile political attacks. They're undermining our Commander-in-Chief out of spite."

First you see it, then you don’t...then you are broadsided by verbal abuse...
is it sabotage?
is it treason?
  is it criminally laden hatred?

Will we sweep it under the rug, or bring charges to bear down upon this insanity taking hold of our government and the people of our nation?
Where will it end, will it ever end?  
Insane prejudicial outrage against Barack Obama, our President of the United States  


These are your congressional leaders
Where do YOU stand?

February 21, 2015


colors blend white hot
midst a day of sunshine
shadowy light gone

walk in shadows, where light cannot touch
stand still
stand still
stand still
listen to the mocking bird, listen to her voice
write a line of words, with crippling hands
colors blend, hues from shade streaming grey
black letters are lost, blinded by light

February 10, 2015


Remember today
For the sake of all artists
Create who you are

Maybe not for eternity, maybe not forever; in happy days or in sorrow

just live for today, the moment, and then will come tomorrow

January 29, 2015

Listening....And The Madness of War

A realm of changeable and non changeable opinions 
Where do we go from here? 
Plowing through these weeds of the field

Listening to people talk about this and that situation
How do I find the Lilies? Listening is more than what it appears to be - It is work

It is not just sitting face to face  
It is not just glancing across another’s shoulder
It is most definitely not pretending

It is being there
It is running at the same pace
It is a tangible, changing substance, intricately woven into the fabric of each of our lives.  It is a fluctuating vibration, where every feeling you get sets your teeth on edge
To hear, to feel, to make a pledge

To listen
My world of words turns me around
Face to face, head-on into the sound
I listen

January 16, 2015

What Is Real?

days age, faces change
kaleidoscope scenes pass through
history halts time

not able to write words that will make something remarkable and beautiful out of a past; something that was lived in make-believe - in the end a reality; maybe it’s wanting time to stand still, to look back; it never could, never would, because it never was.

January 12, 2015

The Little girl and the Conch shell

The Conch shell drifted up the shoreline on a wave, then back with the bubbles that softly lined the shore, to lie there comes the tied, out goes the tide and out goes the shell on the wave.  The shell on the crest of the wave...

...for more than a day, they played.

The little girl skipped along the shoreline, looking for just the right shell to take home.  She spied the Conch floating freely, bobbing up and down, up and down.  The  girl raced to catch it before it floated away.

…but, she was too late, what could she say?

She screamed over the roar of the waves, “I loved you, I loved you.  Stay!” Angrily, she grabbing a fistful of sand and threw it at the shell, but it was too late, the shell was taken out to sea.  

...gone, the shell was pulled away, to be free..

January 8, 2015


too sad, too tired, too lost
who will understand the hurt
when aloneness overpowers
and slides down watery vines  
tears stain the ground
a clear drop, not a sound
captive amongst tangled roots
struggles just to be, to be free

alone in wintry nests
death flows in streams
to merge with the tide
death screams a tale
do not hide!
flow from ocean to the ocean
from shore to shore
in constant motion

in this death awakens your soul evermore

January 3, 2015

Love Lingers

the scent is there, pacing on the threshold
anticipating, acknowledging the limits, holding the breath of spring’s fragrance
love longs, love waits on the cusp of the stars
hands held together by grand days of walking through streets and countryside
through fall, through winter, through spring, oh how we sing!
caught on the lips, the kiss knowing that love’s scent is in the air, and forever lingers there

December 29, 2014

The Measure of Love

take my hand in yours, hold on, don’t stop
take my heart in yours, listen, the beat is yours
step with me into the moonlight, the sunrise, the sun set
step side by side to the rhythm and pulse of one, loving and kind

December 19, 2014


Insistence of Age   
You turn my heart upside down, you turn my mind inside out, you twist me in knots; night after night until loneliness is all I've got; hammering these nights with dreaded thoughts. 

You threw away the key, no entrance, no admittance, to leave me with hopelessness in my desire; in a room all alone and away from you, high you stand on a pinnacle, a spire. 

I write until my heart bleeds out the words, soaking the page with sorrow; can’t go back, don’t look back, no sunrise in sight, not even a tomorrow.  The needle enters, striking the vein

Through the Gauze of Time    
Wrinkled and weathered
old age, the gauze of time
the mirror reflects

I smile, we are old
you throw back your head and laugh
I kiss your soft lips

December 6, 2014

Sweet Dreams

Joseph Grubb passed away, he was 92.
Rest peacefully now, Uncle Joe....We love you.

Flow into night’s slumber, soft summer breeze
winter is upon us, with snow drifts and freeze

sweet dreams of sunshine, bright colored days
away from the darkness of cold shadowed haze

sleep tight, sleep warm
sleep into the morn’
sleep until dawn breaks
until God’s soul He takes