May 1, 2016

Homeward Bound

She slid over the gravel path, homeward bound, determined to hold her head high.  She made mistakes, but this time she feared the worse.

Fear. Her skin trembled, goosebumps covered her arms, she rubbed the fine downy hair smooth.  How could she be frightened of the night, it was the same in the light of day, wasn’t it?

She knew what was waiting for her, but a silly notion held her in disbelief, that nothing bad would happen from past mistakes.

The cold wind tore through the trees, a whistling, a vibration, reminiscent of trains coursing over tracks in the distance.

She pictured herself riding that train, escaping a true fate of certain death, yet certain death waited at the end of the line.  Always the end of the line, always waiting.

Homeward bound - no matter her fear, she calmed, she held her head high, mistakes catching the wind, hurtling them back from which they came.  

March 22, 2016

First Light

Mountains climbed, and rivers to swim
where am I going
in a light that’s made dim?
facing torrents and cold winter’s frost
In snow storms and raging currents
is a battle won or lost
Sleeps a songbird, sleeps through the night
wings stretch and soar, in the grace of first light
Sings a songbird, songs turn to play
Don’t be frightened, I’ll lift you away

March 17, 2016

My Haiku For You - Shadow’s gift

Across the landscape
Shadows casting friends around
Time without mourning

Nurturing your own
Sealed in all family’s gift
Calls memory’s joy

Together love speaks
Mountains reflect life’s beauty
Shadows blend as one

March 12, 2016

A Kiss At Dawn

Where do we see the beauty in sadness, as there is beauty in love?  
What do we see to hold us together with the passion to find understanding?

We kiss now, today, when there is no tomorrow, only here, now, to hold and to grasp the sorrow of our goodbyes, not in one breath, not in one kiss, only in one touch - to be awakened by the touch of dawn’s fine mist. 

Hold me, touch me now, kiss away the sorrow, for I can’t speak to say look at me, because it’s you, first dawn, I seek.

March 5, 2016


Open arms across the rivers, empty souls into streams
water flows from every pore
angels fly to spread their wings
a welcome home, to safety nets
in war torn fields, a warm embrace
brighter days with prayers of solace
ending nights with sad goodbyes
but nothing more says this disgrace
than faces turned, averting eyes
Lost crossing deep oceans, lost crossing wide seas
lost to home and country
lost to you and to me 


Sharing Hearts ~ My Haiku For You

stand upon mountains
share love’s value without doubt
make your hearts grow deep

Touch, hold tight the moon
kiss as one, rejoice the night
wipe away anger

February 28, 2016

My Haiku for you ~ Morning’s Blush

Photograph by Kathleen Sara Shattuck

morning warms the buds
open wide your tenderness
fragrance blends and heals

rose petals as silk
cup the rain and drink its milk
softly blushing pink

February 8, 2016

Our Love ~ My Haiku for you

Photograph by Kathleen Sara Shattuck

ebb, flow, to and fro
gifts from the sea offers love
currents take your heart

moon directs the pulse
love washes over the sand
meant for you and me

offers the lonely
sunshine breaking clouds of grey
love follows the tide


Hear the wind hum across the sun baked sand
seas plunge into caves along great cliffs
torn sculptures left within
castles left behind

Hands sore from clay dense with sharp grains of sand
again reach down and lift earth to your breast
throw the clay until it’s round!
throw the clay down!

Wedge it, shape it, never a thought but to make it!
give into the emotion, to feel again its depth
submissive to this love for the earth
love touches, sculptures pure

January 21, 2016

Can You Reach Me

Photograph by Edith Meier

The morning sun filtered light through the morning mist. The little bird sat upon the top of the post, waiting, waiting, waiting.
His cry was heard echoing down and off the hills and across the waters...

Can you reach me from there, sang the little bird, the little bird to the morning mist.  Can you reach me here, sang the little bird, the little bird surrounded by mist
You can reach from there, you can reach me here…. sang the little bird
You can reach me from anywhere
Anywhere in the air

January 17, 2016

My Haiku for You~Confrontation

rough day is today 
decisions in metaphor
drop from the heavens

tired of combating

let the rain come down and freeze
incredibly white

snow falls on closed eyes
warm, melting between lashes
wipe away defeat

December 15, 2015

Nature Smiles

Photograph by Angelique Manchanda-Peres 

The triangular joints meet, clasp and hug within the barrenness of landscapes, beckoning nearer what is left of color; the lost leaves, the dead and the dying where nature’s goldens and reds were once full of green.

Colors change over time, the naked limbs grow stronger in these cold months when humans go inside to stave off the chill of day’s sun, boarding up against winter's snow; the tree’s roots dig deeper into the life giving soil, the richness feeds and gives nourishment, strengthening limbs in time to grow and spread, sprouting the buds to bloom in Spring anew.  

We sadden at the sight of the lonely, disparaging limbs, where once we gloried in the splendor it threw our way, beautifying, electrifying our vision, while knowing this current view would come back before our eyes ...we hold onto the memories of what once was, and knowing will come again to brighten our summer months, to shade us from heat of the sun, to blanket us as sleep takes hold.  

As the last leaf flies about and suddenly drops in a breeze, a carpet warms the life giving feet of these limbs for another new season to come; Fall captures us with imagination through memories, and we smile, only a temporary sad smile, to give thanks for the nourishment, passing on this future to nature’s beautiful smile.    

December 9, 2015

Heaven on Earth

Kill the wild beasts, the children of the land; kill the birds, the fish, and with fervor the love for one another; kill the fortitude to carry forward life, the living that beats of a promised heart. Kill what is done to stop the goodness, replacing it with grief; kill the hope and truth and the love that was once there to move the living into heavenly places on earth; heavenly places, the kingdoms of wild forest, wild animals, wild is the nature that once was, until the angels in heaven fall from high, toppling the statues that are insatiably worshiped.

December 5, 2015

Stolen Love

I love no other, no other do I love.  
You came into my life, my days, my nights
No other do I love
Love held my hand
My heart held your love
Love gave me solace, love was the answer
hours became nights, days, months, years
I opened my heart, I heard my voice
love sold your soul in pieces
love filled with shame
love couldn’t answer
I exhaled your name


November 28, 2015

December's Crystal

Winter months ring-in an ending, and a new beginning soon to arrive; sometimes cold, sometimes cruel, sometimes skies streaked with clouds, or clear, with a sun that is worshiped by many, succumbing to warmth a sun drenched heat brings sighs.

Snowmen are built, then start to melt, racing against time towards streams, filling the banks with a clear liquid of blue, where seen is a crystal lying dormant for an eternity, uncovered by torrents of overflowing rivers, etched by rocks beaten into an awakening.

A crystal like no other...covered in gold flecks, shining so bright the eyes cannot stand the strength it emanates; close your eyes and imagine the world covered in warm golden hues, covered with hope that shines through the coldness of hearts; warmth washing away the hardness of hatred...

A crystal held in your hand; imagine-believe-hope for tidal waves of love rippling in and between; over and across; above and below; a heaven erasing the hell on earth; blooming like a flower that has never seen the sun, forever more; through eternity.  Believe.

November 26, 2015

A Time Filled With Memories

Thanksgiving, a day filled with memories.  I think about the past, the present, and the future.  There are people I miss, people who were once part of my life, people I am thankful for in my present, for being part of these memories;  the good times, the in-between times, the growing pain times where a helping hand was outstretched to keep me from falling.  

I think about the family and friends who helped me stand, helped me to walk, and helped me to run.  I think about the shadows, the darkness, but most of all the light that comes into these memories.  The times I played, the times I worked, the times that raced me into and through the hard jobs with people who kept me going toward tomorrow.

Memories of Thanksgivings come to mind; memories of family and friends gathered around the table to eat, and to laugh and be grateful; those times were the best of times, and sometimes the worst….now fading as I age, once here, now going.

The sun comes up each morning, and waves the passing of time into night’s darkness; moisture settles across the field of sunflowers, and the last light reflects the dew as it lingers on petals, feeding the thirst of the tiny lady bug.  In these moments I watch; in these moments I wait; in times like these I give thanks for these memories.

October 28, 2015

Me and You

The urge to write comes upon me, but I've lost inspiration; I look over my Prosetry, and find all the words have been used, taken; Two hundred and twenty-six poems and short stories, what in the world is left for me to say...words, come again, another day? I'm sad. My muse is gone, has left me. My inspiration, my heart, I can no longer see. What in the world does anyone want to hear from a sad, blind writer like me?

I knew you, yes.
I heard you, yes.
I saw you, yes.
...and yet you left.

I cherished you, yes
I revered your hands, yes.
your mind, your words, yes.
...and yet you left.

Your smile awakened my day
Your laughter quickened my heart
Your strength of being was seen at play
and yet you left, you threw it all away

was I wrong, to want a friend
was I wrong, to open my heart
was I wrong to speak the truth
was I wrong to push and pull
was I wrong to hold your space

you ran away
you wouldn’t stay
from day into night
was there a right
was there a wrong
for heart to love this long

October 7, 2015

I Knew You

I saw you I knew you, I was lost until I found you
I loved you
I lost you

September 15, 2015

Just Gone

not just one, not just two, but a million and one gather around you
not just me, not just him or her, but a battalion, an army, loves you
a day in your life, and night in your dreams, all cool and sweet
just one more hour, one more day, propels you down the street
you stumble, you step, you make your feet to meet the sun
you sleep, you wake, you choose yourself to walk, to run
you’re gone, no more steps
no more dreams, you slept
just gone
no more me
no more we
no more you
not even a few
not one

September 8, 2015


Tired but cannot sleep
scrambled thoughts invade my mind
night becoming day

The past cannot stay
faster now, you run away
falling in the dark

The bell starts to peal
held suspended in our dreams
which one is real

Time elevates time
to sleep, a train whistles sleep
slumber into deep

Empty nights without dreams of you
Pain flies as I see your face in the clouds
Empty days when thoughts of you are blown away