October 30, 2014

Creepies and Crawlies

Two sisters sat upon a slippery slope, waiting, waiting, waiting
willowy and winsome, the wonderment of two wide-eyed warblers
singing their sentiments into the starry night
and little did they know
creepie crawlies come out to catch carolers in the snow

slither the stinking shapeshifters through the silent shadows
slinking up to these stolling sisters and stabbing hands into their steely stays
shapeshifters startled by the strong style corsets
then punishing punches and pinching issued, produced by petite felines
A strong surprise! To the sea shore the shapeshifters took a beeline!

Ghouls Night Out

Ghouls’ chains clanking all night long
this poor excuse for a song
through the street, dragging their feet
it’s no wonder the dead can’t sleep

Ghouls stare in a trance
and call this a dance
They have their fun
we take off in a run
don’t be caught tonight
or you’ll die of fright

October 22, 2014

If I were to dream you in my dreams

If I were to dream the colors of fall
it would be through your eyes I see it all
If I were to dream the magic of spring
I would see you there in the bubbling stream
If I were to dream on a harsh winter's night
there would be warmth by the fire’s light
If I were to dream a summer day
I would sit on the sand watching you play
Dreams come at night when lights are out
quiet, softly a yawn, lips in a pout
You would be there sleeping peacefully
and I dreaming dreams of you next to me

October 20, 2014

A Grace Note

my heart is but a dreaming place, an aching space, an untouchable curse
soaring, moving, bending, blending, pausing, resting into a lyrical lullaby  
rising, falling, thumping, beating out a staccato, a reverie, a memory in verse

October 5, 2014

Run softly, run true

through the night, a current runs, the undertow is bent on having its way - the movement, the waltz, only the brave dare to dance; so dance with me, only the steps you know; step into me, remember, can’t forget, don’t regret;  hold my hand, take the step,  run softly across my heart.                                                                                                                                          

October 3, 2014

I Do

Stand, still, let the foamy ripples of surf trickle over and around your toes;  through your toes it goes.  You suck in your breath, heart stops then starts. A grain of sand is moved, it’s fickle, it tickles; cold than warm, air combating the elements;  sea and land moves, listens, hearing you say I do, I do! Caress me now with hunger; take me first, quench the thirst!

She backs away, onto dry land; grains of sand cling to wet salty feet; to keep, to remember, our September.