July 28, 2014

Love, Lost and Found

Love, you are my love, no other love in the world or in the sky, or the heavens, love; you are my love I have found.

Love lingers, comes forward, backs up, grabs me and shakes me until my teeth rattle.   Love, the calm before the storm, the gnawing anguish of the inevitable pain in the gut, the mind, the heart when you leave, my love, you will inevitably leave, again.  

I’m so tired, standing still, hearing of more killing today, not a day goes by; vacant, dark, shadowed without love; war, the uncaring, heartsore, tired eyes filling with tears; not to love again, and again, and again.

My heart falls, in hearing, in caring, becoming unnervingly stoic, ambivalent, complacent; standing still, to receive again, to love again, to be found and filled, again; love the boundless energy of one heart, two hearts, a world full of hearts.

Oh, if only to love you again, to bring war to an end, again..

July 26, 2014


With or without dreams, you consume me into the air, the night holds my hand into the soft floating dreamscapes of fright, you consume me into the harsh light of day, crying out loud, singing, you consume me - take me away, high, higher, the highest and tallest building, mountain, take me away, consume me - take me away to the edge of a bridge, a lake, a tunnel, a cave, your hand is there touching, consume me - take me away, pressing, pushing, nudging, going forward to live or to die, by all means consume me.

July 25, 2014

Tiger, My Tiger

vibrates thinning air
fans swaying with solitude
shallow weeping  heard

My Tiger leapt from above

fed on salty tears
soft light swirling dry sawdust
kissed sleepy moist lips

July 21, 2014


death takes its toll, again
when will it end?

Shoot to kill, do you hear me?  Shoot to kill!!
Don’t miss, yeah, don’t worry I hear, the enemy is near.
You got that straight?
I heard you, shoot to kill!
Down in the hole, look out for the mole!
I got the fucker, I got him good!
he’s the enemy, don’t forget!
I won’t forget!

It will never end
they will never forget

July 19, 2014

I’ll Be There

I feel your heart, I hear your cries, I will reach out and touch your tears as they fall, they fall
not a day goes by
tears fall from your eyes, let me kiss them away, away, I will kiss them away each day
not a day goes by
I will hold out my hand, your hand in mine, in mine, take it, hold it, feel the strength that you need from my heart, feel my hand in yours, feel my lips kiss your tears away, away
not a day goes by

July 17, 2014


I see you when the clouds hang low, I see you when the ground is covered with snow, I see you in the evening, I see you in the morning,  I see you in the day when the fields smell of new mown hay
I see you in my dreams
in my head
behind my eyes
in the dark
But most of all, lying in my bed at night I look up and see you standing there

July 16, 2014


the keys feel warm under my fingertips
the air outside is cold

I write

through the open window
a helicopter is heard

circles overhead
wakens the dead

July 15, 2014

Twice Loved

What lingers across the chasm of blue, she asked.
Only the thought of you, was answered.

A touch followed the surface of the balcony rail.
She followed the sound of a footfall, the light was pale.

the house gave signs that signalled foreboding
it moved, it creaked, it groaned
in a house that cannot be owned
Darkness falls in great clumps on the pond
across the chasm, across the lawn

two hands touch
caring too much
breath quickens
air thickens
bombs burst
lips thirst

shrapnel flies through the air
cries out in the dark
Ilana are you there?
echos a name, a memory
lost across the sea