July 28, 2014

Love, Lost and Found

Love, you are my love, no other love in the world or in the sky, or the heavens, love; you are my love I have found.

Love lingers, comes forward, backs up, grabs me and shakes me until my teeth rattle.   Love, the calm before the storm, the gnawing anguish of the inevitable pain in the gut, the mind, the heart when you leave, my love, you will inevitably leave, again.  

I’m so tired, standing still, hearing of more killing today, not a day goes by; vacant, dark, shadowed without love; war, the uncaring, heartsore, tired eyes filling with tears; not to love again, and again, and again.

My heart falls, in hearing, in caring, becoming unnervingly stoic, ambivalent, complacent; standing still, to receive again, to love again, to be found and filled, again; love the boundless energy of one heart, two hearts, a world full of hearts.

Oh, if only to love you again, to bring war to an end, again..

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