August 4, 2014

Summer Night’s Dreamscape

Night looms and creeps, and slithers and slinks, the night’s cold fingers hold fast the arm of dreams, keeping at bay my wishes and longings, pleading to come into play - tortured and pushed and pulled, torn from the feathery night, my ballast of ancient seas’ triumphant pasts.   

My heart thumps and beats out rhythms, calling throughout the night, yes the music of the night - come here, come here, come here.  I close the window and draw the drape, stay hidden beneath the pillow and in cover of darkness’ fate.

She turns her face in my direction, and throws her hair towards the dark, go there, go there, go there. Tears, the oceans’ salt is bitter to my tongue, capturing  the old and the tired, but not the young - go away, go away, go away, I say.

She goes away and I dream of you.  I toss and turn, I weep where dreams are harsh, and you are there, I despair.  Night, black night, put away your armor to fight, leave me at peace, at peace, at peace tonight.

Sleep pulls, I fall, the piano plays a tune, a call, cars race across the tarmac, tires squeal and rumble, beating out the rhythm - the night, the night, into the night where rhythm sings of the night.

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