November 24, 2014

The Bitter Truth

I do not lie..  Lies spoil the order of beauty between two people.  
Instead…., I told the truth and I still destroyed beauty
I told the truth and it was hurtful
I hurt you

How do you escape the truth, the murderous truth
to the gravediggers delight  
I killed you, a fist made of truths that night
regrets were too late

I may as well have struck my own heart
I felt the pain I inflicted from the start
May I ask forgiveness, where truths are told?
Is there a way out of this deep sadness?

I would die for you
I would lay down my life and carry you
through burning hills, through forever
I would do anything for you

I would hold you, caress your cheek
and tell you I’m sorry
I hurt you
I’m sorry

Fog #2

Photograph by Ryan Groff

dampness smothers air...
settles down upon the ground…
an eerie quiet...

November 23, 2014

Love's Mystery

Love mystifies dawn, showing a quiet stardom, and yet
how brilliantly it outshines the morning dew
spreading lightwaves across fields and oceans
like a smile that sparkles with day’s light
like a stirring pulse
awakening the shadows
sharing a beauty of the order of life

November 18, 2014

Discrimination ~ Haiku

Tonight I listened to Billie Holiday’s song, Strange Fruit, for the first time. Heartache came to me.

White Cloth

white cloth hoods to mask
cross bearing and knotted rope
hands bound tight to side
left to sway on limb
hung from tree bow at leisure

death comes in the night
hatred putrifies
prejudiced anger rains down
the color black dies

The Ferguson Conflict

Killing Field

piercing flesh, shots fired
down to the ground, violence strikes  
death never misses

a loud cry is heard
marching, chanting, clasping hands
for whom the bell tolls

Cold Mist
fog rolls onto shore
night air chills, takes breath away
step quickly through sand
mist pools, collecting on face
hearth fires burn at home
warmth patiently waits to dry
close eyes to slumber
pounding surf wakens the dead
drip bloody footprints
across cemetery graves


This Sunday Morning
angels sing aloft
hear the voices lift the dark
daybreak warms the heart

November 15, 2014


grapes fermented, became wine
bottom of the barrel is now dry
time to say goodbye

no more wine
no more rhyme
gone the sublime

withered leaves, barren and brown
shriveled branches, curled to the ground
a season for all things
come this way again next spring

November 14, 2014

Winter in Yosemite


Where the warmth of the sun sets high upon the mountain ridge, the valley below lifts its blanket of fog and spreads a numbing chill across the grassland.  The stream ambles, slows, knowing the freeze of night approaches.

November 13, 2014

Plug Nickel

She held a nickel in her hand, a nickel in her hand was grand she said
she asked me how much my life was worth, my life was worth?
I told her I would give up my life for her, and would a nickel in your hand be grand? I asked

A penny or two, I was worth to you
dead or alive, consumption or flu
lay down my life, I would give at will
no other promise, a wager will fill

November 11, 2014

The Embrace

grasp hands to calm the seas
love fill me more each day
shine love upon my face
love seeks the world
turn your eyes to me

hang the faces of time
masks peel away
throw away the cares
find daylight’s strength
dark eyes, look into mine

It's time to start
embrace the clasp
listen for the words
sing a new song
lift up your heart

November 10, 2014

Love Speaks in a Dream

sleep nestles its brow
longingly, dreams gently tug
slumber upon clouds

I dream of you, softly moving across the sky
I dream of you, turbulent and exciting lightning bolts
I dream a dream of you, when fingertips touch the magic of shooting stars.

November 6, 2014


She steps quickly through the chill of fog, a dense substance rolling toward shore to take the night; misty pools collect on limbs, and burdening her delicate outstretched arms.  She can taste the threatening hearth fires, and the warmth impatiently waits to dry her dark eyes to slumber.
Gone is the night sky
Gone is the day’s light
Forever lost are the amber suns, white moons, snow topped mountains and rolling grasses.
Away from city lights
Away from country walks
and farmland crops
Walking into endless bombing, torture and slaughter of beast, man, women and children.
Endless days
Endless nights
She steps across the land and into the cold of the fog; out of breath, her heartbeat quickens then slows as she nears the fire; flames touch the fabric of life from hem to waist, from waist to the end of days; closing her eyes, sleep consumed the heat.