November 18, 2014

Discrimination ~ Haiku

Tonight I listened to Billie Holiday’s song, Strange Fruit, for the first time. Heartache came to me.

White Cloth

white cloth hoods to mask
cross bearing and knotted rope
hands bound tight to side
left to sway on limb
hung from tree bow at leisure

death comes in the night
hatred putrifies
prejudiced anger rains down
the color black dies

The Ferguson Conflict

Killing Field

piercing flesh, shots fired
down to the ground, violence strikes  
death never misses

a loud cry is heard
marching, chanting, clasping hands
for whom the bell tolls

Cold Mist
fog rolls onto shore
night air chills, takes breath away
step quickly through sand
mist pools, collecting on face
hearth fires burn at home
warmth patiently waits to dry
close eyes to slumber
pounding surf wakens the dead
drip bloody footprints
across cemetery graves


This Sunday Morning
angels sing aloft
hear the voices lift the dark
daybreak warms the heart

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