November 6, 2014


She steps quickly through the chill of fog, a dense substance rolling toward shore to take the night; misty pools collect on limbs, and burdening her delicate outstretched arms.  She can taste the threatening hearth fires, and the warmth impatiently waits to dry her dark eyes to slumber.
Gone is the night sky
Gone is the day’s light
Forever lost are the amber suns, white moons, snow topped mountains and rolling grasses.
Away from city lights
Away from country walks
and farmland crops
Walking into endless bombing, torture and slaughter of beast, man, women and children.
Endless days
Endless nights
She steps across the land and into the cold of the fog; out of breath, her heartbeat quickens then slows as she nears the fire; flames touch the fabric of life from hem to waist, from waist to the end of days; closing her eyes, sleep consumed the heat.

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