November 24, 2014

The Bitter Truth

I do not lie..  Lies spoil the order of beauty between two people.  
Instead…., I told the truth and I still destroyed beauty
I told the truth and it was hurtful
I hurt you

How do you escape the truth, the murderous truth
to the gravediggers delight  
I killed you, a fist made of truths that night
regrets were too late

I may as well have struck my own heart
I felt the pain I inflicted from the start
May I ask forgiveness, where truths are told?
Is there a way out of this deep sadness?

I would die for you
I would lay down my life and carry you
through burning hills, through forever
I would do anything for you

I would hold you, caress your cheek
and tell you I’m sorry
I hurt you
I’m sorry

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