February 28, 2016

My Haiku for you ~ Morning’s Blush

Photograph by Kathleen Sara Shattuck

morning warms the buds
open wide your tenderness
fragrance blends and heals

rose petals as silk
cup the rain and drink its milk
softly blushing pink

February 8, 2016

Our Love ~ My Haiku for you

Photograph by Kathleen Sara Shattuck

ebb, flow, to and fro
gifts from the sea offers love
currents take your heart

moon directs the pulse
love washes over the sand
meant for you and me

offers the lonely
sunshine breaking clouds of grey
love follows the tide


Hear the wind hum across the sun baked sand
seas plunge into caves along great cliffs
torn sculptures left within
castles left behind

Hands sore from clay dense with sharp grains of sand
again reach down and lift earth to your breast
throw the clay until it’s round!
throw the clay down!

Wedge it, shape it, never a thought but to make it!
give into the emotion, to feel again its depth
submissive to this love for the earth
love touches, sculptures pure