January 21, 2016

Can You Reach Me

The morning sun filtered light through the morning mist. The little bird sat upon the top of the post, waiting, waiting, waiting.
His cry was heard echoing down and off the hills and across the waters...

Can you reach me from there, sang the little bird, the little bird to the morning mist.  Can you reach me here, sang the little bird, the little bird surrounded by mist
You can reach from there, you can reach me here…. sang the little bird
You can reach me from anywhere
Anywhere in the air

January 17, 2016

My Haiku for You~Confrontation

rough day is today 
decisions in metaphor
drop from the heavens

tired of combating

let the rain come down and freeze
incredibly white

snow falls on closed eyes
warm, melting between lashes
wipe away defeat