July 23, 2012

The Wall

One stone at a time
One brick at a time
One board where nails are hammered to spine

Up and up, and up it goes
where it will stop, only God knows

Concrete blocks, cemented by mason’s trowel
dripping with sweat and grime
Who will hand in the towel?

Up and up, the wall will climb
faster and faster, a race against time

Across the earth, the ear hears a rumble
weight over years, weather and tears
down and down, the wall starts to tumble

A pile of stones, bricks, and boards litter the ground
guarded by memories of  history abound

Who was this mason, who builds a wall
look at your hands, who takes it down
You are the one, who answers a call

July 8, 2012

No Title

Thoughts unwound, a love was lost.  It swept through the air, passing me over. 
I spread my wings, searching

A beating sustained in my breast, and everywhere

Tender in the night, lulled and sleeping
I waited, and felt it drifting
Upon my flesh, shifting

A soft caress, but no one was there