July 19, 2013

A Race for the Human Race...

I'm so done with people killing people; with people killing animals and insects and plant life; the damming up the rivers, changing their course and blocking their flow to the ocean....and life, in and around it, all but destroyed forever. 
A mess

I'm so done with the political and religious arena, a horrible state of affairs, where again angry people are fighting each other over the most insane things; the radicals, the ultra-conservatives, the neo-whatever-they-are, where common sense no longer exists. 
A mess

This movement that is happening at record breaking speed....I'm waiting for the day to come, where people simply annihilate every living creature....
Mankind, what a mess 

When are people going to think of someone and something besides themselves? When do we turn hate into love?  Am I being negative to the human race? ----I'm mostly disappointed
I guess

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