July 12, 2016

I Hold a Candle

My voice of tribute to Black Lives Matter

I hold a candle in my hands, my rough, cracked and bleeding hands
A candle to light my way in the night, a candle to reflect hardships and tumbles
A candle to blind out all of the sorrows of twisting, turning, rock filled serpentine roads

Cold wax, hot flame, meet with violence to ward off the devil's most evil eyes
To see beyond the haunting, tempting, trusting; let musical notes come forth to sing
Scare away the dreams of night, the chill of darkness, the wet rain and frozen terrain

Young voices hear the tunes, hear and feel the heartbeat within your breasts
Stay vigilant, stay strong, stay united in song, let the rhythm strike up the band
Holding hands, shoulders and waist, keep the momentum pushing ever forward

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