July 28, 2016

You Are The Wind

You are the Wind - I am the Wind - a Wind that picks you up by chance, a gust, to blow you around and settle you like dust…you twist, you skid,  you’re tossed on a ledge, a matter of degrees
then into the air you fly through the trees...calming, all but forgotten, you move and bend, to scuttle off, in hopes you hold true to the end…

Into the mist you fall
Teetering, you balance no more…
Lifting, a storm, a flash of light streaks through the rain, giving your all
Leaping, you wash the sky with a reverberating roar

An errant jet stream picks you up, clean and washed you settle to the ground
You move away, away...into the night and into the day...you’re all around  

I am the daunting wind you feel but cannot see
abandoned, a tiny memory that takes you up and up
overhanging the center of gravity

A heavenly note only you can hear
your very being will sway, a beat only you can feel
until the end of time comes near

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