May 13, 2011


Now this is a rather interesting situation, finding my heart just shifted into another position. I thought I knew what this heart said - at least I thought I did, if you knew what lives within these lies, that here upon make their bed.

When I expound great orations to the mass, I never thought they’d come back and bite me in the ass. I live the lies I claim as truth, and wish I could stop time, when all I give for you to see is a clock without a chime.

I regret so many things, but this one takes the cake, if you know me now, leave me now, for your caring and giving sake. You know not what you see before you, this I must beseech, I will take whoever sits too near, and burry within my reach. 

Hold my tongue, and close my eyes, I speak not another tone, I can quote from every wise one’s mouth - I may call you on the phone. I can show you what you want to hear, unless it becomes my heart, an empty space, never near, pushes against, apart.

Go today, find the truths, never more from me - leave me now, and let me die, never more will be.  My heart is but an empty space, amongst a lonely stain, my heart is but an empty place, which begs you not remain.

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