May 15, 2011


The following is a brief explanation of what the word prosetry means, or has become, to me.  Also, I've given a definition, as I found on a search for this word.  It is unique.

When I first started to write from that space that can't be defined, other than calling it the creative space, it showed itself in poems of strict rhyme, to me.  I had no control over these subjects and words, they controlled me.

I have also written in technical form;  I've written in story form, where the subject grows beyond comprehension, into novel length.  I wrote short stories, and as these short stories started to take on a form I didn't recognize - that combination showed itself as a type of prose and poetry, mixture,  the word Prosetry evolved....And now I use it to define me. 

Although, not everything I write, here, belongs in this category.  Writing, for me, is an adventure in thought, and not all of my thoughts are going to be well received.  Some of these thoughts go down into the depth of dispair; some may surface to the top, showing a bubble of silliness striking me. 

No artist/writer is always in control of their thoughts, and in conclusion, brings me to write on this blog the subjects that may not be considered by readers, who consider themselves rational, as sane.  Whether rational, or irrational, this room becomes a place to explore. 

Not long ago, I found a wonderful writer by the name of Haruki Murakami.  He'll take you beyond, and above, that level-headed world we see day to day.  He layers thoughts into a psychological conundrum, and the philosophies become real.  Landscapes become virtual dreamscapes, while awake.  And the question arises in my mind, where do I fit into that scape we call life?

"Prosetry  is the fusion of philosophy and art that strives to make sense of the continually narrowing gap between utilitarianism and art. Prosetry has no strict forms, but its practitioners seek to find meaning in culture by weighing a particular topic's utility against its spirit. The word prosetry  is a portmanteau of prose and poetry.
Prosetry is investigative in nature. But it is somewhat abstract in its approach to artistic investigation. It is the artistically concrete examining art.
Commonly explored influences on art are postmodernism, commercialism, advertising, trendiness versus timelessness, and life spans and cycles of fads. If the proliferation of artistic genres in the late 20th century is symptomatic of a humankind's striving to project a socially marketable image of themselves, prosetry seeks to explore the reasons behind that striving.
Prosetry can be utilized through music, essays, poetry, drama, and film, or any art form that can explore its own societal influences.
Later reinvented in the city of Chicago by Vincent Lengerich, introduced at poetry bars as "The Most Hated Poet in Chicago" inside of his poem "The Green Mill" as a direct threat to people calling themselves poets in the poetry bar The Green Mill located on Broadway and Lawrence. He used the word, completely oblivious to its previous existence.
Prosetry was originally conceived through the examination of influences on Slam Poetry."

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