May 1, 2011

A light in My Room

Sitting waiting to be lit
Light that blooms in darkness
Light that sits on doorsteps
Where did it go
The day left

The days are shrinking from luminaries
Fashioning the edges of night
Knowing the windows are frosted 
Knowing the sill is damp 
Warmth is there, but where
Where is the light that seeks you out
Show me now 
Where is the closeness that searches
Wandering rooms in vein
But how


I shut the door
I close the room
I silence the voice
I darken the night
I step into gloom

My lament is here within these walls
These dormer bared windows
Holding the candle’s light
unblemished across the lawn

Throw your curves
Seek the shadows 
Waves of light
Request the wick
Who snuffs them out
Candles of night
Who finds their warmth

Shadows across your face
Curving around your chin
The brow
The eyes

There but for you
Marching in tune
Dance of the hour
Within the light - a light in my room

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