May 12, 2014


The words lie under my fingertips, my eyes close and there you are.

Hanging taut through twining tendrils' soft moonlight, Jasmine soaked with scent of floral bouquet, unspoken but known, never seen but felt, the heady tug, the cloying petal captured upon day's heat, seducing by night.
Sweetness.  She walks behind, she hides, she lingers; she waits and then slowly enters the room where no one is waiting; she slips her slender presence quietly into unsuspecting arms.  Do you hear me, do you see me, do you feel me cling to your shadow and follow you around?  
She whispers.  A fragrance am I, a sweet fragrance of youth who steals your heart. 
Holding on to the night, I love you more than life, you are dark, the mysterious muse that satiates hunger, thirst and gnawing desires, tiger, oh my tiger! You are there, you are near...I love you more than life. Wake now, into open arms, the arena, only sawdust between us, walk.

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