May 24, 2014

Finding Love

Love strokes the ego, the breast, the mind and all the senses

Love alters passages, trails, and pathways

Love seeks to care, to share, to spare

Love frames a picture, masks a painting, takes out memory and shelters in storms
It puts out fires, quenches desires, makes believe, holds your hand
It covers hurt like soothing cloth, salve, a balm

Into the far beyond, into the conscience labors, floating away on clouds of gray
Love is everywhere, it seems, love unfurls its masts in streams

Control is gone, free spirit arises and cheats the best, it takes the heart to full arrest
Love blinds, coerces, shames and bludgeons your dreams

You do what has to be done, you try again, a war to be won, growing stronger, everlasting
Where blue birds sing in the rain, where buds bloom in the spring
A beautiful love, an earth swell, endures the test at last

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