May 30, 2014

Peace and Love

lay down your swords, you man of war
lay down and answer for your sins
man of war, he who ministers the mistreatment of earth
he who strips the land, root by root, to barren field, raw
he who cuts down with killing knife, all dead from life
he who squanders the trees and fields of blossoming nature
he who takes the life of creatures of youth and of old, once free to roam
Listen now! give back with time we do not have
Listen now! do not wait, do not walk away, give back with your blood you took with greed
give back with your sweat, trade with your tears for the tears you stole
give back and sew the seeds, plant the wheat and the corn and the beans within rows
spread the fields with cows and sheep, the range to spread wide with nurtured fruit trees spread throughout the hills and valleys,  the stalks with golden hues, give back
do not take again, do not kill the innocent, the givers of life
do not trade blow for blow with unsheathed arrows and knife
with bare arms you will give back what you have stolen from time
over the millennium of suns let it rise and set in peace, on goodness,
over the decades give wealth back with love and caring for one to another
from this day forward
from this day forth
until the sea meets the sun
until the sun sets no more

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