February 4, 2014

Green Light Waltz

Time, time, time watching little green lights flicker on, then off...a day of contemplation as a little green light flickers through the day, on then off, on then off, holding still; off in a flash, gone in hopes of coming back...then on, then off, then out, gone, gone into the cold of the night. No light: Out of sight. Here, then gone, gone, gone, one two three, one two three, where might you be?  Tomorrow the sun; up, up, up: Tomorrow, always tomorrow. Bright sunny days, or cloudy, or rain...tomorrow; a little green light flickers on, flickers off....another day of contemplation. Will it be here tomorrow, with or without sorrow - On then off, on then off? Wondering, wondering, will my light be on, or off, on or off....through the day, through the night, through a bright sunny day....or here, out of sight: Contemplations of green taking flight, high, higher than most, or low to the ground, watching the bright green light dance...with a smile or a frown, a smile or a trance? On or off; contemplating moods, falling to sleep, falling, falling, and then falling into, into  the flickering green of a little bright light in the night.....

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