January 28, 2014


Without tears we are no one, without tears we are lost, lost in a world in which we cannot exist. I enter that world to bargain and resist; I enter to scheme, to lie, and live as a thief; stealing the wetness from another’s cheek, in shadows I am there, remorse, overcome with tears of grief.

I live with stolen tears, these tears for you I cry. I carry them into my dreams; to live in hopes my soul to die.  For this I find regrets for stolen passions; never to return, never to repeat what was once a stolen kiss, a tear, a touch, a fear, remorse for life’s lost actions.

Tears shine with infinite secrets, entering the now, to the surface, and then find themselves lost in grey shadows, dark shadows to come; giving me away to the essence of the now, the hereafter; with or without you, we become one.

My tears, I will look for you, look after you, I will give you away, kiss you away, touch you away; always and forever, today.  

I will surrender these tears shed with love, with care, within the fervor of the now. I will survive, I will live, I will do all that I can for these tears, somehow.

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