January 11, 2014

The Shoal

What to do, what to do? The silhouette of harshness insinuates my nights. I see it, and then I don't. It's real but not. What to do, what to do? Making the same mistakes where it comes to you. Do I stay, do I go? I wish I knew I wish I knew.

Silence, silence, harsh silence becomes my wall. What to do, when the enemy once again invades my space; in night thoughts again to retrace. 

Close my eyes so I can see. Close my eyes so I can be. In night you call to me. Open my eyes, I look at me. I stop, I'm blind.  Close my eyes let me be. 

I missed the mark, I sailed on by. The race isn't mine, why do I try? Tired, tired of trying, I don't know who I am, why am I lying?

It was raw; it was exposed, harsh and open, I was afraid.
Letting go, not knowing the outcome; setting myself adrift in a lifeboat to go aground; I was lucky. I was found.

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