February 12, 2014

Cotton Candy Dreamscape

Floating, floating off across the rivers, the plains, through the clouds of puffy white...sweet dreams conjure candy; cotton candy tasted by you, you...the world in all its wonder, oh to wonder, to wander the length of time. Never ending… never going forward, just standing still, times to enjoy the now, but time takes off again, never ending speed. I trip, I fall, I pick myself up to climb the wall...always a wall...too tall. Lay me down to sleep in the green meadows, where streams run clear...so close, so near. I fear. Memories go past in time, halting for one true second in time. Stop, starting up again…a blur, the noise of an ocean's roar...stings the water, salty water…close your eyes, the ocean cries tears in your eyes. Always comes back to time gone by...bygones, silent bygones rush to wake my soul. remember, no, remember to slow, go slow...grip the railing as you fly higher into the clouds, don’t look down, don't look back...fly through the cotton candy, lick the sweetness from your lips...taste life, now...not yesterday, not tomorrow, but now.

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