April 29, 2013

To Say Good-Bye?

How to say good-bye?

To those you've barely met; so long, see-yeah, quietly leave.  But does that say it yet?

I never really said good-bye, to those I used to know. 
I guess I always knew I’d return again one day, rain or snow.

It’s been fun, it’s been long, and it’s been great to have known you all. I’ll miss our family outings……we always had a ball.

The empty space within me cannot be filled by anyone here.  I look around, and now I see it clear.

No matter where you go, there you are.
No matter where I go – there I am.

To say good-bye would close a door, a window to a room, a space within a space.

I am not lonely or feel alone, but feel a part of me not yet complete, so I look for that part of me in silence, in my room – when I create.

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