April 7, 2013

Washing Machines - Nightmarish Dreams

I had these nightmarish dreams, enough to raise me  from my pillow.
Mixing together analogies of novels, short stories
And just what are these things called poems?

I liken a novel to jelly
the kind that is loose, melts across a piece of toast
I liken a short story to jam
large chunks of firm eruptions, great big pieces of tasty flavor
I liken a poem to conserve
emulsifying many thick textures, small and tiny bits of rarities to savor

I wonder at the minds behind the poems
I wonder at what point that mind comes in
I wonder at what point that mind goes out

Do we need to pull that mind into ours?
to feel
to touch
to experience a poem's true meaning
who is the writer?
what does it matter?
to us
to them

Nightmarish dreams
put them
a washing machine
through its agitation
spin cycle
spin cycle

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