April 10, 2015

Lost On A Breeze

Smile, Smile, Smile came the sound of the brook. It runs, it tumbles, it splashes the sides of the stream bed.  Smile, smile, smile it says as I cry. Cry. Cry.

The little girl sat by the edge of the running brook, and as she bent over the rock she saw her reflection in the shallow water. The glimmer of her face in a sparkling drop; a school of fish swam side by side, and as her tear struck the rock, it splashed onto the fish and stunned them still. Still. Still.

They could not move forward, nor backward, nor up nor down.  Still, they became still.  The sound of the brook became silent.  Silent.  Silent.

She lost her love in a single tear.  The little girl was a woman, Gone.  Gone.  Gone,  out to sea in a sailboat, lost. Lost. Lost.  The fish looked at the woman and smiled. Smiled. Smiled...but the woman’s heart broke in a million pieces and fell into the brook, onto the fish, and the rivulets and the fish carried the pieces away.  

Away. Away out to sea, never to be seen, never to be seen.  Never to be seen again.  A broken heart flies across the sea, caught in the sails, forever open to a wayward breeze.

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