April 23, 2015


On Change:  A video about Addiction by Ilana Simons
My thoughts on this "story video" are /in progress\  

As with all change, it's a progression…
A life changing progression  
Addiction, can it also mean obsession?
Drink one, drink two
stop, stop!

The stop light turns red
I wait for you

The drink goes untouched
The wait becomes too much

I step off the curb
A honking car is heard

Wait, yells a voice in my head
Too late, she’s dead

Drink number three removes the body from self,
outside of self are the city streets, racing cars, honking, blaring noisy cars to dare you, to dare you to step off the curb, into the lane of self destruction.
Listen, not to yourself, but to the street’s taunt. Listen.  Wait.

Do you really want to step off the curb?  
Wait, before it’s too late.

Freeze the frame
What is your aim?

I step into traffic, a car grazes my thigh….brushed aside, I stumble.
Who cares, I’ll do it again, I’m not in trouble.

The noise is deafening….a defining moment, I hurt.
I step back to the curb, again, this time with blood on my shirt.

I sit  
I wait

I’m thrown out of the bar
I go back to my car

In city streets, I honk my horn
I look down at my pants, the seam is torn

Blood marks this day of atonement
Self destruction rendered nil at this moment

Back up, park, wait
before it’s too late

The tiger sleeps, I miss you
I miss the dreams that have become so few

The heart waits….then moves on
Knowing today you are gone

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