January 10, 2012

Mysteries of The Mind

My last blog post, Dreamscape, was actually written in split second spurts, as I went in and out of sleep at the computer.

At my computer, my hands fit the keyboard
Writing words down, I’m literally floored
I sometimes fall asleep!  Yes, that happens to me
Of course, more of us do this while watching TV
Falling in and out of my wayward thoughts
With no apparent reason, lost to these spots

Putting two and two together, plus two more
Where does that leave me, except on the floor?
You pick yourself up, one leg at a time
Upon looking down, guess you are fine
The bane of falling down, is in my existence
But getting up, is forward persistence

The more I write, the more the need to explain
If this is my life, I’m in for some pain
Just lucky, I guess, as my hands crave to type
I wrote all of this down, not wanting a fight!
All in due time, my minds in a dreamscape
Not a word goes by, none will escape

But, through this process, you lie beneath
We call it flow, the spark, an urge we’re bequeathed
My zone of creation, in which I must find
Whatever these thoughts, that comes to mind
In creating a verse
There’s no time to rehearse

I dreamed a dream that you were there
Why do I want you, why do I care?
You held my hand and then you were gone
I throw these grace notes far and long
Deep within a cave I woke a phantom dream
A mystery, a mystery, locked inside of me

And try though I may, to explain this feeling
I sink even further, into relentless reeling
Do I know what this means, I’ve analyzed to death
I call words my own, and gasp for breath
Come now, again, my love, my song
So I can take you, as though nothing is wrong

An artist, I am, who has fallen into sleep
Unexplainable, unfathomable, but mine to keep

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