January 20, 2012

Little Mouse At Play

Across the hallway a Little Mouse crept
Not making a sound as the other mice slept
She was light on her feet, with toes soft and smooth
But no one knew she secretly wore shoes

Little Mouse knew to make no noise at all
Or she would end up like her sisters down the hall
This room was a scary place, there were no doubts
As was heard from voices, discharging loud shouts

Little Mouse weaved her way between boxes of junk
Never knowing what darkness might bring a Ker plunk
She knew of a wheel, which lay in the distance
A wheel she could tread, with resolved persistence

It was fun on this wheel that went round and round
Going nowhere it seemed, and making no sound
But Little Mouse’s days for sure would be numbered
If she fell off or stumbled, or somehow blundered

So Little Mouse made no mistake, not to be seen
Caution was her forte, ears up and keen
In her nights of play and days in sleep
As Rats scurried 'round, she made not a peep

Her secret was safe, to no one in particular
Just knowing she had shoes

She could play on something circular

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